Bike Ride 2 Leimert Park Art Walk

The Vernon Bike Ride is an opportunity for the Leimert Park and Vernon area to be recognized as an area that needs improvement and attention. The goal is to build a safe community and a healthier environment and getting them into the bike revolution happening here in Los Angeles. With this event we (E-think) plans to unify the black and brown communities, East and West of South Los Angeles. Leimert Park is known as one of the main African American attractions and is full of arts and culture and we would like to open it up as a safe place for all. This will bridge the East and West LA communities, as well make Vernon Avenue more safe and kid friendly.

There are many benefits to ones community such as:

-Educating on the bike revolution and its benefits.
-Giving people a break from driving all day and the stress it brings
-Health benefits
-Teaches people more about their area and neighboring businesses
-Brings families together and more.

We want to have vegan vendors drinks and water stands. We would also like to have a stage on Vernon and invite the mayor and councilmen to speak.

Leimert is a home of the Vision Theater and with the fountain as a landmark.

Route Stops:
6 mi

Starting point:

-Central and 23rd Lincoln Theater
2300 South Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90011

Now closed as a theatre, the Moorish Revival design theatre opened in 1927 and was a popular venue during the 1920s where African Americans enjoyed movies, late night minstrels, live dancing, comedy, and musical shows. It was often referred to as the “West Coast Apollo” because it featured many of the same acts as the Apollo Theater in Harlem. The opening featured Curtis Mosby’s Dixieland Blue Blowers and the film “Rose of the Golden West,” starting Mary Astor and Gilbert Roland. It served as a key site in jazz history, featuring such performers as Lionel Hampton, Duke Ellington, Nat Cole, Fats Domino, Sammy Davis Jr., and BB King.

-Golden State Building Named Landmark 4261 S. Central landmark

-Vernon Library (Landmark) Address: 4504 S Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90011
-Phone:(323) 234-9106

Ends Leimert Park Vernon and Leimert Blvd.


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