California High Speed Rail Authority Board Meeting

California High-Speed Rail Authority Board Meeting Agenda
October 14, 2013
10:00 AM
Metro Board Room
One Gateway Plaza, 3rd Floor
Los Angeles, CA

For this meeting, an opportunity for public comment will be provided at the outset of the public session of the meeting. Those persons who wish to comment on agenda and non-agenda items, are required to submit their requests to Board Secretary before the start of the meeting by filling in the green cards. Typically public comment will be limited to 90 seconds per person, however the Chair may decide to shorten or lengthen the public comment periods, at his or her discretion.

Responsible Party



1. Approval of Board Minutes from September 10, 2013 Meeting T. Fellenz A 2 min.

2. Status Report on Southern California Project Sections M. Boehm I 15 min.

3. Report from the San Diego Association of Governments on TIGER Grant Award
SANDAG will outline their TIGER Grant award and next steps for improvements on the LOSSAN Corridor. TBD I 10 min.

4. Award of Regional Consultant Contracts for the Merced to Sacramento and Los Angeles to San Diego Project Sections T. Fellenz A 10 min.

5. Adoption of a Policy for Unsolicited Proposals

T. Fellenz A 15 min.

6. Closed Session Pertaining to Litigation
The Authority will meet in closed session pursuant to Government Code section 11126(e)(2)(A)to confer with counsel with regard to the following litigation:

John Tos; Aaron Fukuda and County of Kings v. California High Speed Rail Authority, Sacramento Superior Court Case No. 34-2011-00113919
Town of Atherton v. California High-Speed Rail Authority, Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District, Case No. C070877
CHSRA Validation Action; Sacramento Superior Court Case No. 34-2013-00140689
Before the Surface Transportation Board; Finance Docket No. 35724 (SUB-No. 1); CHSRA-Construction Exemption

The Authority will meet in closed session pursuant to Government Code section 11126(e)(2)(B)(i). The Authority will meet in closed session pursuant to Government Code section 11126(a)(1).

T. Fellenz — —

Reasonable Accommodation for Any Individual with a Disability
Any Individual with a disability who requires reasonable accommodation to attend or participate may request assistance by contacting the Authority at (916) 324-1541. Requests for additional accommodations for the disabled, signers, assistive listening devices, or translators should be made no later than one week prior to the meeting.


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