Streetsblog’s CicLAvia Scavenger Hunt…Part II

After everyone had such a good time with our CicLAia scavenger hunt back in June, we’re back with ten things to look for on Sunday during the “Heart of Los Angeles” CicLAvia. Some of these things are repeats, but some are new. Happy hunting. Here’s what you’re looking for. The picture has to be taken at CicLAvia

1) The old “South L.A. CicLAvia” logo
2) Mike Bonin
3) a Santa Monica Next t-shirt (if nothing else, I’ll be wearing an SMN t-shirt)
4) a stateue of a Headless Man
5) a Clippers and Lakers logo in the same picture
6) an Atlanta Braves logo
7) 5 pictures, one from each of the hubs
8) a Mariachi, not in Mariachi Plaza
9) The Bamboo Inn
10) WalkLAvia

The first person to tweet us a picture of any one of the above items or people to @streetsblogla or post one in the comments section of this article wins Streetsblog shwag (a cloth bag, or t-shirt). If you already have all the Streetsblog schwag, we can use a Santa Monica Next shirt. If you have that too, you’re last name is likely Newton, Kavanagh, Matute or Rubin and you’re not eligible to win anyway.

As a new bonus, anyone that sends us all ten wins a brand new award, a golden spoke card allowing free admittance to all Streetsblog events for the next year.


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