Today’s Headlines

  • The Wasserman Grant Means 4 CicLAvias in 2014, 5 in 2015 (Daily News via HuffPost)
  • Purple Line Geotech Study Used as Counterpoint in Battle Over Century City Development (LAT)
  • Boxer: Replace Gas Tax with Wholesale Oil Fees (The Hill)
  • Garcetti Seeks to “Modernize” Government Using Data, Internet (LAT)
  • A Lot of Prime Real Estate Is Being Used for Parking, Especially Near Transit (
  • Apparently SaMo Is Going to Do More Than a Rider Survey to Plan for Expo (Patch)
  • The Dubious “Safety”-Focused Marketing of SUVs That Can Easily Kill Children (Cyclelicious)
  • Meanwhile, Hollywood Stars Now Driving Cars So Armored They’re Basically Tanks (THR)
  • People, It’s Just an NFL Team… (CBS 2)
  • Glendale Motorist, 83, Crashes Through Brand Blvd. Store Window (Daily News)

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  • Darren

    In response to the Boxer idea, let me see if I get it straight: instead of directly charging people who use the roads to pay for the roads, instead impose the tax on all wholesale purchasers of oil, including those who buy oil for purposes like heating and other non-transportation-related purposes? Not sure if that makes a lot of sense in terms of supporting a “user fee” philosophy of funding roads. But maybe I’m not interpreting correctly.

    Also, let it be known I believe a VMT tax would be ideal for funding roads, rather than a gas tax.