Get Your Complaints Filed! The Neighborhood Repair Blitz is Coming Your Way

From left to right: Date of repair blitz, NC name, region, NC number

Is your street pothole-plagued?

Do you like to complain about it?

If you live in L.A., chances are, it probably is and you probably do.

Which turns out to be a good thing.

This summer, Mayor Garcetti’s office announced the launch of Operation Neighborhood Council Blitz, a program designed to address small-scale street repair needs within Neighborhood Council boundaries across the city, and they want you to submit detailed complaints about the streets in your neighborhood.

In other words you can complain to your heart’s content about every last pothole in your neighborhood.

And they will actually do something about it.

Awesome, right?

The repair blitz began in the Valley in late July, before moving westward and then on to the Harbor area.

Which means that South L.A. and the Eastside are next on the list.

In fact, if things go as scheduled, repair work should begin in Watts on October 18th and move through the rest of South L.A. from there, reaching Boyle Heights in mid-November (click on chart to enlarge; full list is here).

The catch is that you need to submit your requests through your Neighborhood Council so that problem areas within the council’s boundaries can be compiled, prioritized, and addressed all in one shot. You can still use 311 if you see one-off problems that needs repairs, of course. But for multiple problems across the neighborhood to be fixed up as part of the blitz, you need to go through your NC.

If you’re not sure which Neighborhood Council is yours, you can check the list here for maps of council areas. Contact information for your NC should be available here.

Because October is fast approaching, deadlines for getting requests in, particularly in South L.A. may be about to pass. The deadline for those living within the boundaries of the Empowerment Congress West, for example, where work is scheduled to begin Nov. 1, is October 5th. I did contact BSS but, as of posting, was not able to get a list of deadlines for other areas. Please contact your home NC for details.

The form you need to submit to your NC can be found below.


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