Eyes on the Street: Goodbye Green

Photo: Eric Bruins

At the request of the City Council, the city was hard at work last night making Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles a less safe and attractive place to be by removing the green paint in the city’s first green buffered bike lane.

The buffered bike lane will remain, with the city testing a new, unproven design. The dangerousification of Spring Street was ordered by the Film and Television Industry who made a bunch of stuff up through their Council Members Tom LaBonge and Eric Garcetti. The City Council eventually approved a compromise plan with the new, unproven, design.

Council Member Jose Huizar, who represents the Spring Street Corridor where the green buffered bike lane is/was, fought hard to keep the lane. Trying to paint a happy face on the new green design, Huizar noted that it was 25% as expensive as a traditional green lane. No word on when the new “Garcetti Lanes” will be painted on Spring Street.

The city has yet to announce where the other three green bike lanes will be painted with all of the money it has saved.

Oh, by the way, the Spring Street Green Buffered Bike Lane was shown to encourage more cycling, encourage more use of the bike lane, improve the local economy and make the street safer than a regular bike lane. It was supported by the local neighborhood council, businesses, residents, bicyclists, safe street advocates and everyone that wasn’t affiliated with the Film and Television Industry. Now we’ll get the chance to see if the success was due to the green or the buffer.

  • Joe B

    Maybe we have an opportunity here. Now that the lane is no longer green, drivers are going to drive in the lane even more than they were before. As partial compensation for losing the green, would the city be willing to put some effort into enforcing the law keeping cars out of the bike lane?

  • JG

    Just for this, I’m going to “accidentally” drop a full can of bright neon green paint on the streets on film days.

  • Anonymous

    Since the film industry has been successful in dictating how this traffic control device should look and where it is located, I would have to assume that they will also try and block the installation of cycle tracks on some streets. Afterall, just like green paint, cycle tracks do not give the streets the look of cities in the 20th century. Does the same sort of interference happen for the installation of traffic control devices for pedestrians and motor vehicles? Why does it seem that bicycling is used as cannon fodder and yet the film industry is not allowed to jeopardize the health and safety of people in their productions?

  • Why spend money removing it? Wasnt the issue that the paint was fading quickly on its own?

  • Niall Huffman

    Only on a couple of blocks, and only in the locations where cars were crossing it with the greatest frequency (i.e., near side of intersections). And even in those locations, it was still splotchy.

  • Anonymous

    and if it’s the studios that need this so bad, why aren’t they paying for it instead of us taxpayers? I mean, other than through kickbacks/bribes/etc.

  • Jon

    I wonder if they’ll try to block the LA river revitalization project too… Terminator 2 wouldn’t have been the same in a natural riparian zone

  • Anonee Mouse

    Im in. Lemme know when to coordinate.

  • Handsome Devil


  • Downtown dweller

    The bike lane is a nuisance. Regardless of color, there’s enough public transportation downtown that it’s not needed. Seems like a political bandwagon point. I wish our politician would deal with actual issues. Not bike lanes.

  • ubrayj02

    Yeah! That is why DTLA businesses and residents both supported these green lanes and why the LA Council had to vote unanimously when getting rid of the green lanes in order to hide who was being bribed with election contributions from Hollywood donors.

    My plan: only watch or purchase pirated movies and TV shows from now on. That and buy some green paint to “accidentally” spill on multiple trips down Spring St.

  • KaceM

    Bike lanes ARE actual issues

  • John Lloyd

    I am deeply disappointed to see the Spring Street green lane go. I have used it several times over the last year when commuting downtown and it was definitely a safer space on the roadway because of the higher visibility. I had hoped that it would be a sign of things to come in LA, but craven politicians bowed to industry pressure and sacrificed public safety instead.

  • Anonymous

    Film Industry shill?

  • zhongqiu



  • uranidiot

    You’re a fucking idiot.

  • Chris

    The film industry is the only reason LA isn’t another Detroit or worse. If you can’t afford a car, you’re doing it wrong.

  • Alfro

    Dangerousification? Someone needs to fire whoever wrote this whiney piece of shit.

  • ubrayj02

    Oh man! You practice all morning to type that out?

    Sidewalk DVD sales FTW on this one.

  • ubrayj02

    Wow, hyperbole much? You are what is saving us from being Detroit and yet you are trying to keep DTLA a post-industrial low-rent wasteland for your low budget film shoots?! WTF?

  • ubrayj02

    I know! What a nuisance! All those people driving closer to their average speeds, fewer crashes, and slightly more livable street – HORRIBLE PLZ FOCUS ON REAL ISSUES LIKE MOVING CARS FASTER HELLO!

  • Alek F

    No, someone needs to filter Your reply – for lack of ANY common sense. If you only new what nonsense you just posted… /sigh/ Time to learn something about bicycling and safety, my friend.

  • Alek F

    What a narrow-minded mentality… Too bad so many people like you don’t see anything beyond the tip of your nose (or beyond the windshield of your car). Quite pathetic… Wake up, and help the city to invest in mobility and better infrastructure, you lunatic!! Bicycle network, with proven safe green lanes, is a good start!

  • Alek F

    I’m with you, bro!!
    SHAME ON FIlm LA!!

  • Alek F

    I’m very disappointed that LA City Council bought into the greedy, selfish, ignorant attitude of the film industry. Yes, I generally like the film industry (since I’m a part of it, in many ways). However, in this instant case – pushing to remove one of the BEST safety features from a heavily used bike lane – is an act of lunacy and hypocrisy.
    Shame on the film industry.
    Shame on the City Council for their stupid decision to kiss-ass to the selfish film industry!
    Shame on Eric Garcetti for allowing the removal of the green paint.

  • Justin Stubbing

    We could live on without the film industry. We got the tourist industry on lock.


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