City of Los Angeles Pedestrian Advisory Committee

City of Los Angeles

Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Meeting Agenda

September 19, 2013, 2:00 – 4:00 PM

200 North Main Street, City Hall East

Room 351A – Please note location change

1. Bring to Order Deborah Murphy
2. Self Introductions
Sign In & Roster Update All
3. Approval of July 18th Meeting Minutes All
4. Featured Issue/Program/ProjectMetro First-Last Mile Strategic Plan Sarah Jepson – Metro
5. Update on LADOT Projects & Issues Margot Ocañas/Valerie Watson
Walk to School Events October 9th
Travel Tallies
PAC/BAC SRTS Education Synergies
S4P/Parklets/Street Porches/Street Plazas
Other Issues/Programs
6. Update on other Projects and Issues
Caltrans Dale Benson
Metro Tham Nguyen
LACDPW James Chon
BoSS Ferdy Chan/Kevin Minne
DCP Simon Pastucha
DCP – Mobility Element My La
LAPD Ron Katona/Sean Karmody
LANI Sian Leong
TRUST South LA Tafarai Bayne
Green LA Coalition Ryan Lehman
Safe Moves Barbara Sheppard
Safe Routes to School National Partnership Jessica Meaney
SCAG Alan Thompson
LACDPH Chanda Singh
The Advancement Project Gilbert Espinoza
AAA Marianne Kim
Los Angeles Walks Deborah
Council District RepresentativesIssues, Projects, Concerns Holly Harper CD#1Jay Beeber CD#2

Eli Lipman CD#5

Ryan Johnson CD#9

Randal Henry CD#10

Ana Gomez CD#14 BH

Allen Compton CD #14 ER

Deborah Murphy CD#13

7. Outreach for New Members All
Council Office Appointees/Staff, Other Departments/Agencies
8. Other Issues of Interest to Committee Members All
Neighborhood Council Congress Sept 28thLA Walks Day of Action October 1st

CicLAvia/WalkLAvia October 6th

WalkOctober Events each weekend in October –

9. Next Committee Meeting Deborah
Thursday, November 21st  @ 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Suggestions for Featured Project/Issue
10. Adjourn Deborah


Helmets Ready! Mayor Hosts First Bike Summit

Former Mayor Richard Riordan presents training wheels to the wounded Mayor. For more pics from the conference, visist Gary Rides Bikes’ Flickr Page Despite the Monday 9am hour and the picture perfect weather, a standing-room only crowd assembled in the Metro Board Room for city of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s first Bike Summit.  Alongside Mayor Villaraigosa […]

Caution! Please Pass with Care!

Signs also available in Spanish.  Photo: LA Ecovillage When I first heard of the signs that popped up all over Los Angeles two nights ago urging drivers to pass cyclists with care, my first thoughts were that L.A.’s D.I.Y. culture has reached a tipping point.  Not only have advocates learned that the LADOT and other […]

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City Officially Unveils “Continental Crosswalk,” Promises 50 More in Next Three Months

No pedestrian left behind? At a just concluded press conference at the newly installed continental crosswalk, commonly known as a zebra crosswalk, at 5th and Spring in Downtown Los Angeles, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced a new program to replace traditional pedestrian crossings with the more visible crosswalk pictured above. Continental crosswalks feature two-foot wide yellow […]