What’s Next for Santa Monica? You Tell Us

This morning, I presented Santa Monica Next to a group of the city’s business leaders at the Chamber of Commerce’s Environmental Affairs Committee. There was a great back and forth of the ideas and opportunities that Next can bring to Santa Monica. I look forward to speaking with them again.

Streetsblog on top of highways!

However, as we get closer and closer to our launch, it seems now is a great time to reach out to you, the future readers of Santa Monica Next to tell us how you would like our (as in yours and ours) publication can grown and publish to best cover the challenges and opportunity facing Santa Monica. Leave some thoughts on what you would like Next to be in the comments section, and I promise we’ll respond to each and every note. Even the crazy ones.

A second reminder is that we need your help to make Next everything it can be. You can donate now on our Kick Starter page. We still need $875 to make our goal. You can also RSVP on Facebook to our September fundraiser. We have a limited amount of space for the fundraiser, but you can secure a ticket by donating through our Kick Stater page.

Remember, regardless of whether or not you are in a position to donate money at this time, you can always show your support by liking our Facebook Page or following us on Twitter.

See you at Tour de Arts!


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