Summer Series Tonight! State of Bicycling Advocacy

Today at 5 pm, the Streetsblog Summer Series broadcasts its fourth Google Hangout/YouTube. The topic for discussion is the “state of bicycle advocacy” in Los Angeles and features Dan Dabek of CICLE, Eric Bruins with the LACBC, John Jones with Eastside Riders, Ayla Stern with the Valley Bikery and City of Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory Committee and Jonathan Weiss, also with the BAC.

I’ll be playing the role of talk show host and Matt Tinoco will be producing. You can view the broadcast live on SoCal Streetstube. After the broadcast, it will be archived on our YouTube site.

If you can’t make the broadcast, you can let us know by posting here or tweeting with #sblasummer. We got a power house lineup, so we hope you can join us in real time.

  • Erik Griswold

    Yay, Cycletracks!

  • Dennis Hindman

    The Merriam-Webster unabridged dictionary defines infrastructure as the underlining foundation or framework. Paint treatments on streets should not be considered bicycle infrastructure, the infrastructure would be the street underneath the paint. Bicycle infrastructure in the city of Los Angeles consists of 56 miles of bicycle paths or mixed use paths, bicycle racks and perhaps signs.

    Getting money to build bicycle infrastructure outside of state or federal funding can be very difficult. I have what may be considered a radical idea of combining the laying of asphalt for grade separated cycle tracks into councilman Englander’s upcoming bond measure for road reconstruction.

    Having grade separated cycle tracks built at the same time as asphalt is being laid for motor vehicles lowers the construction costs for the cycle track considerably by not having to bring workers and equipment out specifically for the bikeway.

    Even if there is no provision for funding cycle tracks, having smooth streets to ride a bicycle on would likely encourage more people to ride by lowering the stress of having to deal with a bumpy and potential haphazardness of a road surface in poor condition.

    There should also be no left or right turn signals installed at major intersections for the cycle tracks to keep motor vehicles from crossing the paths of bicyclists or pedestrians as they go through an intersection. This works beautifully for the Orange Line mixed use path and it should be a standard feature at freeway on and off ramps, along with major intersections. Its a wonder to me how a blind person can survive walking on sidewalks in this city without a seeing eye dog to warn them about vehicles that are turning toward them.

    Other potential sources of funding for cycle tracks could be using part of Metro’s 40% discretionary money that is built into the Proposition A half-cent sales tax or getting a set-aside for bicycling written into a upcoming ballot measure to extend the Measure R 1/2 cent sales tax another 30 years.

    Los Angeles is the only city in the county that is setting aside a portion of local Measure R returns for pedestrians and bicycles. The other cities seem to be basing their ability to do bicycling improvements on whether there is funding from state, federal or the bi-annual Metro call-for-projects. Santa Monica is the leader for bicycling modal share in the county, but with the only dedicated source of funding–Los Angeles will likely eventually have the highest modal share.


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