Reminder, We Are Live at 2 with Nury Martinez, Candidate for CD 6 City Council

Just a reminder that we will be broadcasting an interview with CD6 City Council Candidate Nury Martinez live on our YouTube Channel, SoCal StreetsTube, today at 2 pm. The broadcast will be archived there and reposted on Streetsblog LITE.

The primary for the open seat was held the same day as the Mayoral election and other Council Districts, with Montañez and Nury Martinez emerging from the pack. Our interview with Montañez was broadcast yesterday and is archived at SoCal Streetstube and Streetsblog LITE.

As always, if you have any questions for Martinez you can leave them in the comments section or tweet with hashtag #sblasummer. We’ll be talking about transportation issues in the East San Fernando Valley including the lack of sidewalks in some area and the East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor Project.

  • Max Podemski

    Nury is a committed supporter of
    pedestrian and cycling amenities in the Northeast San Fernando
    Valley. Pedestrian and cycling infrastructure is particularly
    important in this area because the Northeast San Fernando Valley
    suffers some of the worst environmental impacts of Los Angeles, and
    its population is particularly dependent on transit. For this reason,
    Nury views improvement to the pedestrian and cycling infrastructure
    as a way to improve both mobility, health and the environment of the

    As the executive director of Pacoima
    Beautiful, Nury spear-headed the creation of the Pacoima Wash
    Vision Plan. The plan would transform the wash into a
    multi-purpose greenway, composed of pedestrian and cycling lanes.
    This greenway will both enhance mobility, and also connect residents
    to open space in one of the Valley’s most park-poor neighborhoods.
    Owing to Nury’s hard work, this innovative proposal has been
    incorporated into the Sylmar and Pacoima Community Plans, and
    funding has been secured to create a new park along the wash on a
    blighted vacant lot. Nury has also engaged the community in plans for
    a network of Green Streets that will capture and treat storm-water
    runoff and improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians. Nury
    understands the potential impact of transformations to Los Angeles’
    infrastructure. If elected, she will act as an important voice in the
    council, and advocate for a more sustainable and equitable city.

    Pacoima Wash Vision Plan:

    Complete Streets:


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