We’re Live on SoCal StreetsTube with a Discussion of Mayor Garcetti

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(Update: the interview is now posted, although it looks like we had some technical difficulties at the end that wiped out some of the long-term storage. Google! Here it is.)

If the technology gods are smiling on us, we’re live with the first of our Summer Series of web discussions on SoCal Streetstube. Summer Interview Series with a discussion of what to expect in the first term with Mayor Eric Garcetti. I’m talking with Eric Bruins, Planning & Policy Director for the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, Deborah Murphy, the Executive Director of L.A. Walks, and Mark Valianatos, professor at Occidental College and the Policy Director of the Urban & Environmental Policy Institute.

The discussion is live on our YouTube site and will be archived there. To join the conversation, leave a topic in the comments section or tweet with #summersbla.

  • Bike Hair

    the video cut out at 14:16.

  • Bike Hair

    great suggestion about creating more neighborhood business opportunities in residential areas. We need to go beyond the marginal TOD discussion and get behind a strategy that will truly foster both sustainable land use patterns and create small but significant economic engines of neighborhood prosperity,

  • Yes, we’re not sure what happened there. We’re blaming Google.

  • RSK

    Garcetti: “bike lanes protected by hardscape”

    Did I just hear that. I think I heard that. What an excellent way to describe protected bike lanes (aka cycle tracks). ‘Hardscape’ means more than just painted buffers and even more than plastic ‘bollards’. Hardscape means at least raised medians, ie, real, Dutch style, Long Beach style, and now Nebraska style (Warren Buffet, is that you?) cycle tracks; something that a 8 year old or an 80 year old might actually ride on. I read everything there is about cycle tracks, and I’ve never heard them described that way before. Not the ambiguous “Green Lanes”, or the useful but Britishy ‘cycle tracks’, or even the awkward but not quite specific enough ‘protected bike lane’ (protected by what?). Garcetti, I think you’re on to something. Maybe we’ll forgive you for that ‘sharrows’ business.


We’re Live with Carolyn Ramsay at Streetsblog TV!

If the technology gods are smiling on us, we’re live with the last of our Summer Series of web discussions onSoCal Streetstube. Summer Interview Series. Matt Tinoco, who did the yeoman’s work of producing all summer is going it alone to interview Carolyn Ramsay, Chief of Staff to Council Member Tom LaBonge about open space […]