What Will It Take Before Someone Takes Away Justin Bieber’s Toys?

Yes, the guy was in the street. Yes, he’ll be fine. Yes, this is definitely a hit and run, no matter what the local police say.

I get it.

It sucks to be stalked and harassed by photographers and camera crews whenever you step outside your house. It is unlikely to happen to a Streetsblog editor, but I can imagine it is pretty awful.

But, that doesn’t give you the right to endanger other people with your car.

For (at least), the third time in less than a year pop singer Justin Bieber is in the news for his penchant for unsafe driving. First, he was caught going 101 on the 101 by Council Member Dennis Zine, then his neighbors complained about him speeding through the neighborhood, and last night he “clipped” a photographer in the street and sped away from the scene. The police cleared Bieber of wrong doing despite video clearly showing him hitting the photographer and zooming away in a pretty white Ferrari.

If the police refuse to prosecute Bieber for his dangerous driving, he has yet to be even ticketed for his triple digit speeding last year, then it sadly falls on his handlers, family or whoever else is close to the popstar to step in and take the keys.

If Bieber were an eighty year old with decades of safe driving who was suddenly blowing speed limits, driving recklessly through the community and “clipping” people in the street, he wouldn’t be driving. This is the same situation, except Bieber doesn’t have the decades of safe driving history.

So far, the singer’s actions haven’t seriously harmed anyone, but if he can’t drive safely under the sometimes rough conditions he encounters, then it’s past time for someone to take the keys and use some of the singers billions of dollars to hire a professional driver.

The next time Bieber hits someone with his car, it might not be someone his Beliebers think deserves it.

  • For the record, I’m almost always with Streetsblog when it comes to pedestrian safety and bike/walk-first mentality, but in this case, I feel like the dude was just asking for it. Even as a non-fan of Bieber, I would have cleared him of fault as well. All jobs have associated risk, and in the case of paparazzi, that risk happens to be a bit more significant.

  • If he had just hit the dude, I might be with you. But he ran. That’s an automatic no-no. If it were his first dangerous driving incident, then I might be with you. That he’s given a pass every time he dangerously drives near a paparazzi is the problem.

  • You could certainly argue that he didn’t even know he hit the guy though. From the look of it, he only ran over his foot. If he had slammed into him it would have been different, but running over a foot could be pretty difficult to notice when the guy is behind and to the side of you, especially since you can’t hear anything over the roar of your Ferrari engine.

  • Anonymous

    It does seem to make a difference whose foot you run over with your Ferrari.

    Here’s a video of a New York City policeman writing a ticket for a parked Ferrari when someone gets in the car and attempts to drive away:

    Was this the fault of the policeman that he got so close to the car that the driver drove over his foot?

  • ubrayj02

    I didn’t know they were women and children – the sound of my gun was too loud to distinguish the cries for help.

  • ubrayj02

    I didn’t know they were women and children – the sound of my gun was too loud to distinguish the cries for help.

  • ubrayj02

    I didn’t know they were women and children – the sound of my gun was too loud to distinguish the cries for help.


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