Help a Streetsblogger in Need


Last year, we held a benefit for our friend and C.I.C.L.E. founder Shay Sanchez, who continues a long running and expensive battle with Lupus. We raised over $3,000 in two separate events. It was pretty cool of all of you.

This year, we’re asking for your help for one of our friends again. Lindsey Miller was almost our Santa Monica columnist, and wrote a handful of freelance pieces for Streetsblog last year. She graduated with a Masters from UCLA’s Planning Department. She has a brihjt future.

She’s also sick.

I don’t mean she has a cold like Sammy does, or even have the pnemonia which basically knocked me out for months this winter. I mean, really really sick. So sick, she’s currently in Germany seeking treatment.

You can read all about her ongoing health struggles at I Am A Liver.

It’s pretty moving stuff. She’s a pretty fantastic writer. It’s how we got to know her, but is one of many reasons we’ve grown to love her.

It should look like this. Don't forget to designate the donation to Los Angeles.

So, while our Spring Fundraiser continues until Friday (more on the Santa Monica v Long Beach challenge tomorrow), we’re offering you a chance to help Lindsey out today. You can donate to her directly by clicking here, or if you donate to Streetsblog by clicking here and designate your donation to benefit Lindsey, we’ll buy some throw pillows from her store and make a donation with the proceeds.

So why donate through Streetsblog? Donating through our site allows us to show major donors, the IRS and anyone else who reads our tax returns that we have a strong base of public support, even if some of those funds aren’t going into our general fund.

When Lindsey manages to somehow fight her way through this, she has a bright future as a planner, advocate and leader. With your help, we can help her get there.