LA Streetsblog will be off today for Memorial Day weekend

Just a quick note that we’ll be taking today off to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend. Have a safe, happy holiday and we’ll see you again on Tuesday.


Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day 2007 fun on the GWB. For maximum verisimilitude, replay ad infinitum.   Biting commentary on the D.C. dog and pony show isn’t just for Streetsblog anymore. The New York Times’ David M. Herszenhorn has a not-so-subtle indictment of this week’s Congressional hearings on gasoline prices, where slippery oil executives were lined up before […]

Memorial Day and Weekend Headlines

(Editor’s Note: Because I’ll be traveling on Tuesday, I put together the headlines list for over the weekend.  Wednesday’s Headlines will be the comibed list for Tuesday and Wednesday.) Parking Today Dissects Times Article on Residential Parking Permit Reform  Bicyclist Killed by Bus in El Monte (Times)  Less People Riding on Toll Roads (OC Register) […]

Today’s Headlines

Drivers Grumble, ExpressLanes Off to SmoothStart (LAT) Congestion Free Trips for Single Occupancy Vehicles Could Go to $15.40 (LAT) Are Toll Lanes a Slippery Slope? (SGV Tribune) Judge Won’t Stop Work on Regional Connector Despite Lawsuits (Downtown News) Transit Coalition Chair Ken Alpern: Measure J Is Gone, What Now? (City Watch) Huge Porsche Playground Approved for Golf […]

Enjoy Memorial Day, I’ll Be Back on Wednesday

I hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Day Weekend.  I’ll be out of town so I hope everyone enjoys the two interviews that will be posting momentarily.  Be well, ride safe, and see you all next week.  In the meantime, NYC Streetsblog will continue to post breaking national news as it happens and S.F. Streetsblog will […]