The Week in Livable Streets Events

Permanent Carmageddon? #RoadBond Road show turning into the proverbial tree in the forest? Don’t forget about the opening round in the Paul Livingston case in Beverly Hills.

Tuesday – The City Council is poised to vote on whether to modernize or expand LAX. Opponents of expansion claim the project will cause untold delay on the 405 near the airport, “permanent Carmageddon.” Interested in letting the Council know your mind? You can bus pool for free from Westchester. Get the details on the bus pool, here.

Tuesday – The Road Bond Road Show rolls in to East L.A. Where in East L.A.? We don’t know! We’re working on it, maybe we’ll find otu before the meeting? Get the non-details, here.

Tuesday, Thursday – Anyone that reads Curbed of Downtown news sources knows the 6th Street Viaduct Replacement is going to be very pretty. But will it be functional, especially for those on foot or on bike? Find out more at these two community meeting…one on each side of the River. Details.

Wednesday – Don’t forget this Wednesday is the opening round in the Paul Livingston Hit and Run Case, assuming that Victoria Chin doesn’t plead guilty. Our own Sara Bond is part of the crew riding to the trial. Read his story, and see the details for the ride, right here.

Thursday – On Wednesday, we will likely hear from Metro the all-but-official word on whether or not there will be a light rail stop at Leimert Park for the Crenshaw Line. The next day, we’ll the Crenshaw Subway Coalition will meet to discuss their next steps. To get more details on the 6:30 meeting, click here.

Thursday – Metro holds a community workshop to unveil draft alternatives for the Union Station Master Plan on Thursday, May 2, and invites public participation and comment. The draft alternatives focus on options for the main transit activities at the station including bus, Metro Rail, Metrolink, and Amtrak while allowing for future integration of High Speed Rail.  Community workshop meeting details can be found here.

Sunday – We usually don’t post Long Beach events, but we love free introduction to bike classes. “Women on Bikes SoCal will host a free introductory “Street Savvy” adult bicycle safety class for 12 participants at 1:30 in Bixby KNolls. This completely hands on short 2-hour course will give you the skills and confidence you need to ride safely and securely for errands, exercise and fun! Interested? Get the details, here.

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