Eyes on the Street: New Bike Lanes and Continental Crosswalks from Wilshire to Cesar Chavez on Figueroa

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An anonymous reader points out that bike lanes are being installed on South Figueroa Street between Wilshire Boulevard and Cesar Chavez, a cool 1.1 mile stretch of road. While he asked for anonymity, he/she did add:

I cycle a lot, but don’t commute. Watching cyclists going north on Fig makes me nervous, so this will probably help. Not sure I’d want to be between the curb and the bus, but it’s better than the way it is now. Now if DOT will tell its DASH bus drivers that the 7th St bike lanes aren’t for passing stopped cars .

For their part, LADOT confirmed the addition of the new lanes and that new Continental Crosswalks are also being painted along the corridor. The new infrastructure is not being painted as part of the MyFigueroa! plan which is still under environmental review.

First person to post a link to a picture of the new lanes in the comments section wins a Streetsblog t-shirt. A map of the newly painted lanes can be found after the jump.

Image via Google Maps
  • Anonymous


    Unfair advantage, I basically just had to walk outside my office building… I’ll take this as a sign from the universe that I should make that donation to Streetsblog :)

  • bikinginla

    Not only that, but we now have the first bike lanes actually on Wilshire Blvd. I noticed over the weekend that lanes had been striped on a newly repaved two block section from Beverly Glen and Comstock in Westwood’s Condo Corridor.

  • BrianMojo

    They also just finished installing bike lanes on First from Grand to Beaudry, FYI.

  • RyanJ

    Nice! My ride to Dodger game tonight from DTLA just got that much better!

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  • sahra

    I saw the little white markings (sans cyclist images) delineating the future lanes over the weekend and I was so excited. I knew the changes were coming, but it is still hard to believe that they are taking a southbound lane out so I don’t have to feel like I am taking my life into my hands every time I head toward that underpass on Fig. I go through there so often that I have developed different strategies depending on the time of day and level of congestion. New lanes almost always make me happy, but these feel like the city is giving me an extra big hug.

  • sahra

    oops, and by “that underpass,” I mean Temple St.

  • Alexander Friedman

    That’s great news.
    I just with the bike lane would be green-painted – similar to Spring Street bike lane. This area is known for heavy automobile and transit traffic, thus distinguishing bike lanes with Green color would make it much safer for cyclists and more visible for motorists.

  • Anonymous

    Bike lanes need to be painted green. I know it’s a pain, but expecting drivers to notice the “Bike Lane” and silhouette of a bicyclist painted on the street is perhaps a bit too optimistic.

  • ubrayj02

    This lane is a missing link into and out of Chinatown. It is brilliant. If you use Mr Rollers Wiggle, this bike lane can finally make the ride from Chinatown into DTLA non-nightmarish.



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