Hot New LADOT TAP Cards Available for Pre-Order Now

Earlier this week, we debuted the new-look LADOT TAP Cards that will be available in May on Streetsblog LITE. Just like current LADOT TAP, you can add fare media for both LADOT and Metro on one card. Unlike the current cards, these could become collector’s items as the Exposition Opening Cards already have.

People were so excited, there was a small social media buzz asking how to get the cards. LADOT happily reported that you can pre-order the cards now. LADOT spokesperson Bruce Gillman:

To pre-order cards call LADOT at (213,310,323 or 818) 808-2273.  These personalized TAP cards will also be availble for pre-ordering beginning Friday on line at: or by stopping in at the LADOTTransit store located at 201 N Los Angeles Street, Lower Level, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Cards will be in the store for walk-up purchases starting May 20th.

  • M

    …but do they still (arbitrarily) expire in 3 years?

  • sahra

    That may seem arbitrary, but it is apparently to deter hacking. Three years is about the time they have calculated they have til someone hacks into a card. I know very little (read: nothing) about hacking so whether or not that is the case, I cannot tell you. But it was what I was told while hanging out at Metro asking questions about why cards expire.

  • calwatch

    Since the cards come out of the factory with their expiration dates predetermined, the least they could do is print the expiration date on the card. Right now you can guess an expiration date based on the card’s issue year, but it is hit or miss.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like you’re drinking the Metro kroolaid, Sahra. I’m not against expiration dates, but the thing is, when my debit or credit cards expire, my bank sends me a new one without me having to go get it myself and also charging me $2 for it. As long as that continues to happen it won’t matter what fancy “collector” cards they offer; it’s tokens for me and a big middle finger for TAP.

  • sahra

    i don’t drink kool-aid. as i said above, i am just telling you what i was told. i do believe the person that told me that was sincere, but i do not know enough to know whether or not hacking is a valid concern or of great enough concern to merit everyone having to change their cards every three years.

  • I believe the arbitrary expiration date is a function of CUBIC and will be part of all TAP Cards, be they for the Expo Opening, CicLAvia, LADOT or something else.

  • Joe B

    I’m glad to see they’re hard at work making improvements. With these new TAP cards, surely they’ve solved problems such as the lack of fare capping or the poor interface on the fare vending machines. Right?

    What’s that? You say that they’ve made TAP cards shinier while ignoring TAP’s multitude of real problems?


  • Anonymous

    Fair enough, Sahra you’re kroolaid free. Let’s assume the sincerity of the Metro rep involved and the validity of hacking as a catalyst for killing the TAP cards, my points remain that by:

    1) arbitrarily expiring the TAP cards WITHOUT advance notification,
    2) not automatically replacing them and instead making customers go to disservice centers to do so, and
    3) charging a fee for the new cards

    It is Metro that is ironically extorting from the TAP card users it claims to be protecting from hacking.

  • sahra

    true, the TAP cards themselves do have some issues that make them unwieldy. and the question of what happens three years from now when all our cards are no longer valid — probably all within a few months’ period which will only heighten the madness — is something i haven’t heard anything about as yet. David Sutton said he would have some info. for me about new TVM screens coming up this month, so I’ll ask him about some of these issues then.

  • Anonymous

    FWIW, I’m coming at TAP from one of those “heightened madness” places. I’ve put in my final refund request to TapToGo’s customer service for a $13.25 balance on the TAP card that they expired in May 2012 and then couldn’t/wouldn’t transfer permanently to the new card I was forced to get. If I don’t get my money from them next stop: Small Claims Court. Seriously.

  • Erik Griswold

    New TAP cards should have a life of 8 years, if I recall my information correctly.

  • The tapcard system needs SO much work. Why does LA have to redesign the wheel for EVERYTHING?

    That being said, I dig the designs.

  • sahra

    Interesting. Did you know it was going to expire/have any warning, or did it one day just not work? email me the specifics (card #s, too, if you are so inclined) and I’ll get in touch with David and see what their explanation for the hold up is. sahra [at] streetsblog [dot] org


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