Eyes Above the Street: Media Take Over 1st Street

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Reader Erik Griswold noticed something outside of what was originally intended. While the media’s full-court press coverage of the tragic shooting of police officers and the ongoing manhunt have certainly captivated the media, the press frenzy in front of LAPD headquarters also tells a different story.

Sometimes a buffered bike lane isn’t enough. If ever an L.A. street needed a truly separated bike lane, with parking between the bike lane and the street, it’s 1st Street between Main Street and Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles. Instead of bumping the buffer, LAPD and LADOT should separate the car traffic from the bike traffic through a physical separation. In incidents such as this one, it would also provide a little extra security for LAPD headquarters.

  • Sidewalk parking police

    I ride by the station on 1st every day and it seems news trucks are always parked on the sidewalk.  In what universe is it ok for people to park on a sidewalk.  Media or not they are private corporations that should have no privilege where they park.

  • Hanslaetz

    You think the news media somehow is saving money or generating profits by parking there? THERE IS A PUBLIC EMERGENCY AND THOSE TRUCKS ARE TRANSMITTING SIGNALS. They are there BECAUSE THERE IS NO OTHER PLACE TO TRANSMIT LIVE PICTURES FROM THE POLICE BUILDING.

    No parking = no signals = no coverage.Real cops (and their kids) are dead and someone who would DARE call himself “sidewalk parking police” would whine that his precious bike lane is blocked??? Do not blame the news media because the doofus planners did not anticipate conditions like this. 

    Jeezus, whining like this just makes me barf.

  • RichardC

    If the trucks are already on the sidewalk behind a row of trees and lightpoles, I’m not convinced a physical separation of the bike lane is the answer here. It’s probably more a question for enforcement – telling the media where is best to park given the need to be on location (maybe it is the sidewalk since it’s so wide, or maybe block off a traffic lane).

  • mig

     How does parking in the bike lane help this “public emergency?” 

    The signals, which I suppose are news feeds based on your post, can be transmitted by parking elsewhere. 

    I’m willing to bet you would complain if the route you drive home was blocked by news vans trying to scoop a story. 

    You are justifying these actions with a totally unrelated issue. 

    An emergency, is by definition, an unexpected occurrence, so how one would plan for making sure news vans can deliver their signals makes little sense to me.

  • Erik Griswold

    Right, because there is absolutely no coverage of this event on the radio or the internet…

    Of course, they are trying to hit a satellite with their signals.  That could be more easier done from City Hall Park or from the south side of the building.

  • Nathanael

    I’m more upset by the tragic shooting of three completely innocent bystanders by deranged LAPD officers, myself.


    Given that, I can’t feel sorry for the LAPD “officers” who have been targeted by Dorner due to previous police brutality, coverups, and other crimes.  I’m sorry for the family members being targeted by Dorner; it’s not their fault that they’re related to criminals.

    However, the LAPD is now concealing the names of the *seven or more* LAPD “officers” who shot three innocent people, in an attempt to avoid prosecuting them for their criminal actions.  There’s a story here, and it’s a story about a dangerous gang dressed in blue.  How many media outlets are reporting the story?  Not many.

    Are you surprise that the criminal gang wearing the blue gang colors has no interest in enforcing the law about bike lanes or sidewalks?  (Isn’t that a police car parked in the bike lane?)  Why would you be surprised?  Criminal gangs act like criminal gangs.  The problem is that this one, the “LAPD”, has been given official sanction by the City Council, in lieu of hiring an actual police department.


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