A Message from Damien, and a Last Fundraising Appeal for 2012

How strong is our readership growth? The orange is total page views by week for 2011, the blue is for 2012. Take out the readership explosion caused by our live coverage of "Bike v Flight" and you can see 2012 beat 2011 every week after Kris and Sahra started writing for Streetsblog in February of this year.

Friends, Angelenos, Streetsbloggers,

First, a programming note: we’ll be publishing L.A. Streetsblog on a somewhat odd schedule these next two weeks. We’ll publish under a normal schedule for the rest of the week. Next week, we’ll take Monday and Tuesday off, assuming a game-changing news story doesn’t happen, and publish “Streetsie” posts on Wed., Thurs., and Friday. The following week will see Monday and Tuesday off again, before resuming normal publication on Jan. 2, 2013.

As many of you know, this has been a groundbreaking year for Los Angeles Streetsblog. Our readership has soared as new staff writers and contributors joined the team and our reach has grown far beyond what it was in previous years. As Sahra’s recent story about the Planning Department and LADOT going for a bike ride in South L.A. shows, it’s not just conference rooms on Spring Street and Metro’s Taj Mahal that Streetsblog makes a difference.

Which isn’t to say that the year was perfect. I’m kicking myself that Curbed beat me to the story announcing the Cornfield Arroyo Seco plan that includes no parking minimums for new development. When L.A. Weekly published it’s front-page story on “hit and runs,” I was reminded that Streetsblog can do more to cover the ongoing carnage on our streets.

In response, we’ve re-calibrated our coverage plans for 2013 to improve our coverage of crashs, especially hit and runs. Also, Kris Fortin and myself are going to work together to increase Streetsblog’s coverage of legislation in City Hall. In other words, we’re going back to our roots, without neglecting the areas where Streetsblog has grown in recent years. We’re going to cover Los Angeles’ communities with the same fervor as 2012. We’re going to cover City Hall, Metro, LADOT and traffic safety even better than we did in 2011.

Of course, we can’t cover everything without your continued support. Thanks to the generous support of The David Bohnett Foundation, The California Endowment, and the Los Feliz Foundation our fundraising platform is built on a solid foundation. But to do everything we want to do, every little bit helps.

We’re almost halfway to reaching our $10,000 fundraising goal for our end of the year campaign. Your donation helps us by both improving our bottom line and making it possible to accept larger grants from our foundation funders. You can donate by clicking here, or if you prefer paypal you can send donations to damien@streetsblog.org

Thank you again for your support, whether you can make a fiscal donation or whether you just drop by to read our work. We love that so many of you come to read our work everyday and wish you all the best for the rest of the year, 2013, and beyond.

All the Best,



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