“Starting from the Beginning” for Some Metro Owned Sites in Boyle Heights

A few of the Metro owned sites in Boyle Heights that will be discussed tonight at a community meeting at the Boyle Heights Senior Center. Photo from Metro

Last month, when Jsm/Polis Builders (JSM) lost the contract to develop a CVS Pharmacy and shopping center on the corner of Soto Street and Cesar Chavez Avenue, the fate of that site and other Metro-owned properties seemed vague. Today, Metro representatives will host a meeting to update the public on the status of four Metro-owned sites and to get feedback from the community. The meeting will be tonight from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Boyle Heights Senior Center (2839 E. 3rd St. Los Angles, CA 90033).

“If you want to have in impact in the process at the beginning, this is the time to do it,” said Greg Angelo, Metro’s director of real property management and development.

In advance of tonight’s meeting, Metro spokesman Jose Ubaldo outlined the status of plans for Metro-owned properties in Boyle Heights for Streetsblog. In short, here are some of the proposed changes: 

A.      Southwest Corner of 1st & Boyle:  Planned 98 units of affordable housing and 6,800 s.f. of retail.  Metro Board approved.

B.      Mariachi Plaza and Southeast Corner of Pennsylvania & Bailey:  Staff plans to obtain Metro Board approval of Conceptual Development Guidelines for this site, then issue a development RFP. The Conceptual Development Guidelines are attached to the RFP and provide useful information to developers planning to submit development proposals. Prior to seeking Metro Board approval, staff will be conducting a meeting to update the community regarding this development site, and our sites at 1st & Soto, 1st & Lorena, and Chavez & Soto. We will also be seeking input from the community regarding development at these sites. The meeting is scheduled for December 6th.

C.      1st & Soto:  Same status as for the Mariachi Plaza site.

D.     1st & Lorena:  Staff is in discussions/negotiations with A Community of Friends, the Board-approved developer for this site, regarding the scope of their development.

E.      Chavez & Soto:  Same status as the Mariachi Plaza site.

F.       Chavez & Fickett:  Staff is considering development of a proposed grocery store on this site, and hopes to gain Metro Board approval of such a concept in January.

  • Yolowatefah

    How to do Metro development:

    1.) Be a large developer unable to turn a profit on a project without free land, 1% interest loands, or tax increment financing for 30 years for your retail tenants.

    2.) Excavate the shit out of those site. Go four floors down. It’s okay! You have no bottom line! Metro has got your back. Build so deep that even if the project were 110% successful it would never be able to finance (let’s not even consider paying directly!) – finance the maintenance and re-construction costs in 20 years.

    3.) Now that your parking lot is secure, build a stupid cinder block first floor with up to four floors of wooden-framed, stucco wrapped modernist despotic architecture.

    4.) Create open air pissoirs. Fence them in to protect the smell.

    5.) Apply nature band-aids.

    6.) Let the “community room” on site remain dormant until it is turned into luxury utility and supply room

    7.) Apply for another pay raise with the voters during the next election! Measure X, Y, X and Q FTW!

  • build as much housing and retail and as little parking as possible

  • Ritatherovingeye

    On lot East 1st street & n Lorena ave 90063 We are working to get a POCKET PARK TO GO with the EVERGREEN JOGGING PATH..IT WOULD BE GREAT. The other lots we need input from the comunity..so go to this meeting.

  • Ecastro4

    We need a park in the chavez/fickett area. The metro workers are too noisy at night and a park is great asset for those of us that have small children. We dont need much just some benches and a swing set!


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