Today’s Headlines

  • Is Measure J Making a Comeback? (LAT, The Source)
  • Pasadena Makes Ready for NFL Team, Temporarily (LAT)
  • Downtowners Pumped About Streetcar Vote (Curbed)
  • More Californians Drive High Than Drunk on Weekends (LAT)
  • No Really, What’s Taking So Long on 405 Construction? (WWLA)
  • Neighborhood Advocate Weighs “Good Density” v “Bad Density” in Hollywood Plan (City Watch)
  • Thanksgiving Travel Rush Is On (LAT)
  • “Asphalt Nation” Author Jane Holtz-Kay Is Dead at 74 (NYT)

Note: We’re on a light publishing schedule today and will resume publishing on Monday, November 26th. Of course if there’s some major news, such as Measure J actually passing, we’ll quickly post an update.