Today’s Headlines

  • Lopez: “Lexus Lanes” Make Sense for Everyone, Even Those of Lesser Means (LAT)
  • Metro Execs Grilled Over Safety on Bus…Why Not Ask LASD? (NBC4)
  • Measure J Crosses 65%, Needs 78% of Remaining Ballots to Get to 2/3 (The Source)
  • BHUSD Files Suit Against Westside Subway in Federal Court (Courier)
  • Curbed Mocks, “We’re starting to believe that Jimmy Hoffa, the Holy Grail, or whatever was in Marsellus Wallace’s briefcase is buried under Beverly Hills High School.”
  • Judge Backs High Speed Rail Authority Over Valley Farmers (USA Today, Merc-News)
  • Do Local Oil Refineries Lie About How Much Oil They Produce? (Daily Breeze)
  • East L.A. Party Mixes Bikes, Music, Fun (Eastsider)
  • Streetsblog Readers Select Sadik-Khan Over Villaraigosa for Next USDOT Boss (DC Streetsblog)

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