The Week in Livable Streets Events

Not just Damien is back, but so is “The Week in Livable Streets Events”! Huzzah! This week features a handful of big lectures and events at UCLA and some spooky bike rides. Boo!

  • Monday – Bonhams Los Angeles holds its inaugural Urban Art auction. This auction, the first of its type to be held in America, features historical works by pioneering graffiti artists, as well as pieces by contemporary artists who have redefined the genre. Details.
  • Tuesday – UCLA hosts a free luncheon lecture on local climate change. Professor Alex Hall will provide an intimate briefing of his recent mid-century temperature study explaining how and why LA will be a hotter city. He will also be able to discuss upcoming studies that reveal further chapters of our local climate story. Details.
  • Tuesday – How should the LACBC interact with candidates during the upcoming municipal elections? Their civic engagement committee meets Tuesday night to talk it over. The meeting is open to the public. Details.
  • Wednesday – Prof. Pucher argues that cycling and walking are the most environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable of all transport modes.  He then provides an international overview of cycling levels and trends among many different countries in the developed world, noting that even technologically advanced countries with high per capita income and high levels of car ownership can have high levels of walking and cycling and much lower levels of car use than typical in the USA, Canada, and Australia. Flyer.
  • Wednesday – Boo.
  • Thursday – The Eastside Bike Club hosts the Dia De Los Muertos ride to honor friends and family that have passed away over the last year. The ride serves as a small bike parade with Carlos Morales riding the Day of the Dead bike. Details. Facebook.
  • Friday – The UCLA law school holds a free, all-day conference on the future of transportation and transit in Los Angeles and the world. Contributor Lindsey Miller will be there, so if you can’t make it check back here next week. Get the free registration here.
  • Saturday – The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition hosts the spookiest Sunday Funday ride ever. How spooky? So spooky they couldn’t hold it on a Sunday. The fun starts in Santa Monica. Boo. Details.

Did I miss something? Is there something really cool happening next week? Email damien at streetsblog dot org. Or, click here.


The Week in Livable Streets Events

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The Week in Livable Streets Events

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This Week in Livable Streets

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This Week In Livable Streets

Tonight, LACBC lets you ask an officer all about walking and bicycling laws. Lots more going on this week: South L.A. community planning, Metro committees, Cal Poly Pomona’s alternate transportation conference, bike-share, shared mobility and more. Monday 11/14 – NOTE THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED BECAUSE THE LAPD OFFICERS WERE REASSIGNED FOR THE EVENING. Tonight, the L.A. […]