Today’s Headlines

  • While Conservapedia may crow that global warming ended 16 years ago, NOAA is here to tell you that Sept. 2012 ties Sept. 2005 for hottest September on record (NPR).
  • Climate change? Did you say something about climate change? Nah, the debates ignored it once again (Grist)
  • Lance steps down as chairman of Livestrong and is dropped by Nike (NY Times)
  • So, is organic food actually better for you or not? It depends on the data you look at, says the NY Times
  • Shockingly, powering a helicopter with a bicycle is not all that easy (NPR)
  • You can now buy tickets for the Flyaway Bus online (ahead of time! good for 30 days!) for trips from Van Nuys or Union Station. Sorry, Westwood, you have not yet moved into the 21st century (LAWA).
  • Maker of electric car battery files for bankruptcy (NY Times)
  • Metrolink to receive $7.8 million in state funds for grade crossing improvements (Progressive Railroading)
  • Bike built from discarded parts turned into traveling cinema in Madrid and used to draw attention to vacant lots (TreeHugger).
  • TreeHugger also offers tips on how to make turn signals for your bike.

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