Today’s Headlines

  • OHMYGOD IT’S CARMAGEDDON! (Fox 11, NBC 4, Wall Street Journal, USA Today)
  • Rare Mainstream Media Report: Maybe It’s Not Totally Worth It (CBS2)
  • Villaragosa Speaks (LAT)
  • Damien Will Be a Guest on LA Times Live with Reps from City, Metro at 10 (LAT/405 Chat)
  • Have a Laugh at the Doomiest Predictions (Curbed)
  • Oh, Right. There’s a Final Vote on Farmers Field Today (KPCC)
  • Our Old Friend Roger Rudick Argues Metro Needs to Modernize Its Rail Design (Daily News)
  • Our New Friend Maegan Ortiz on the Living Gap Between the Have-Cars and Have Nots in LA (ABC/Univision)
  • East Coast Rag That Hates Janette Sadik-Khan Loves Livability Gains in LA (NY Post)
  • National Traffic Safety Group Wants Gov. to Give Me 3 (Biking In L.A.)
  • Metro Board Meets, Talks, Does Little Else (The Source)
  • Alameda Corridor East Construction Authority Gives Thumbs Up to Measure J (Star-News)
  • Critical Mass Turns 20, Next Year It Can Drink (SFGateSFExamKQED)
  • I-91 Tolls in Inland Empire Going Down (P-E)
  • Opposite of Carmageddon Coverage: It’s Casual Rocks NPR’s The California Report This Weekend, Get the Schedule (HERE)

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