Today’s Headlines

  • Even Zev’s Office Thinks the TAP only Transition Is Confusing (ZevWeb)
  • Metrolink Unveils $200 Million Train Safety System (LAT, Daily News)
  • Let the Citiz
  • California Moving Towards Robo Cars (Tree Hugger)
  • New Program Aims to Cutdown on Citations to Juveniles on Metro Service (The Source)
  • Not Everyone Finds the Story of Women Harassed on Metro Trains That Telling (LA Weekly)
  • Malibu Offers Interactive Website for PCH Study, Big Meeting on Thursday (‘Bu Times)
  • Wait, Carson Is Still Considering Building an NFL Stadium? (Daily Breeze)
  • State Bill Exempting Bike Lanes From CEQA Supported by AAA, Opposed by Transit Union (Planetizen)
  • UK Columnist Wyatt Slams Lycra Wearing Lots for Hitting Her Mom Twice Last Week (Daily Mail)
  • Feb. 2010, Same Columnist, Almost Same Column (Daily Mail)
  • Discounts for the Carfree on Carmageddon (LAT)
  • Obama Pizza Guy Also a Cyclist. Raises Money for Blood Donations with Long Trips (Politico)
  • We’re Finalists for an LA Weekly Best of the Web Award (LA Weekly)

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  • I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised that Dennis Romero is an epic douche. Also, what happened to the third headline?

  • Erik Griswold

    “Louts”, not “Lots”.

  • PC

    I’m not surprised at all, having read some of Romero’s other work in the past. Not surprised about his, er, “issues” with assertive/opinionated women either, after reading his blog post a few months ago concerning pro wrestler and Occupy LA participant Liz Savage.

    Finally, I hope at this late date that nobody is too surprised to see mediocre–or just plain bad–writing in the L.A. Weekly.