Today’s Headlines

  • Cracks in the Sidewalk Undermine L.A.’s Transportation Succeses (Planetizen)
  • Metro Hinting That It Could Choose Hybrid Over Big Dig for 710 (The Source)
  • 100 Year Old Backs Into Nine Students, Two Adults, in South L.A. (LAT)
  • Councilmen Buscaino, Garcetti, Rosendahl, Not on Board with 3-Year Sidewalk Study (LAT)
  • Downtown Groups Prepare Lawsuit Against Farmers Field Lawsuit Legislation (Daily News)
  • Federal Fuel Economy Standards on the Right Path (LAT)
  • Los Angeles Arts for Artageddon on Last Weekend in September (LAT)
  • Funds From SF’s Local Carbon Tax Sit Unused (SF Weekly)

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