T-5 Hours to the Streetsblog/Flying Pigeon Fundraiser for Shay, Sponsored by Bike Nation

I just finished packing the car (you try to get a film projector, boxes of t-shirts and a case of beer across city on a bike) and as soon as Sammy falls asleep I’ll be on my way to tonight’s fundraiser to benefit the Kick Butt and Get Better Fund for our friend Shay Sanchez. The event starts tonight at 7 at the new Flying Pigeon Bike Shop (3404 N. Figueroa St). We’ll have food, drink, Streetfilms and a short presentation from Bike Nation.

What a team.

But before I go, I wanted to make a last pitch to everyone for tonight’s event. We won’t be charging at the door, but encourage everyone that comes, even if just for a second, to give generously. We’re trying to help a dear friend to the community in a time of enormous need. Anyone that knows Shay, and I’ve only met her two or three times in my life, knows that this CICLE co-founder would help us somehow if the situation were different.

You can read a lot more about Shay at our previous posts and the Kick Butt and Get Better Fund homepage.

In addition to tacos and Streetfilms, we’ll be holding a raffle with Streetsblog, CICLE, CicLAvia and Bike Nation schwag. In addition, Bike Nation is donating one of their “event bikes” for a silent auction (pictured above.) I’ll start the bidding at $49.99…and that’s just for the whitewall tires.

If there’s any questions, feel free to email me at damien@streetsblog.org or leave a note in the comments section. I do have to travel across town, so give me a chance to answer and I surely will.


Thanks to Everyone Who Helped Us Raise 3k for Shay

Wow, what an amazing evening at the Flying Pigeon Los Angeles bike shop at 3404 North Figueroa Street. The crowd was hot, the films were good, and we raised an amazing $3,000 to benefit the Kick Butt and Get Better Fund, $2,000 of which came from a donation from the Bike Oven. There’s a lot […]