Mark Your Calendars: August 9th Night of Streetfilms to Benefit Shay Sanchez

We’re just two days away from our Streetfilms party to raise funds for the Kick Butt and Get Better Fund to benefit our friend Shay Sanchez at the Flying Pigeon Bike Shop (3304 N Figueroa Street.)  Thanks to Flying Pigeon, CICLE and the event night sponsor, Bike Nation, we’re continuing to put together a fantastic event.

What a team.

In addition to the films, tacos, drinks and good company, Bike Nation is donating a bicycle to be auctioned as part of the benefit.  No, it’s not one of the ones that will be on the streets of Los Angeles later this year, so you don’t have to worry about getting harassed by a well-meaning police officer. We’ll have a picture of the bike later this week. In addition to auctioning the bicycle, we’ll have a raffle of CICLE and Streetsblog schwag to further our fundraising prowess.

Of course, with time running down, we need your help to promote the event. At the bottom of the article are a handful of social media buttons, if you have Facebook or twitter, or google plus accounts, it will just take a moment to help get out the word.

If you don’t know Shay, you can read here about how her battle with Lupus Vasculitis has taken its toll on the body of one of the Los Angeles bike community’s leading lights.

Through it all, the founding CICLista has managed to keep helping people, using her struggle to bring more attention to Lupus Vasculitis.

We’re not having a suggested donation for the event, but this is for the best of causes so bring something to donate please. One of our friend’s is sick and could use our help. She would do the same (and more) for us.

If you can’t make it, you can donate directly, right here:

This is the second stop on our “Eastside Tour.” The Tour is sponsored by Bike Nation, The Robert Group, Miceli Infrastructure Consulting, Civic Enterprise and Occidental College’s Urban and Environmental Policy Institute.


Thanks to Everyone Who Helped Us Raise 3k for Shay

Wow, what an amazing evening at the Flying Pigeon Los Angeles bike shop at 3404 North Figueroa Street. The crowd was hot, the films were good, and we raised an amazing $3,000 to benefit the Kick Butt and Get Better Fund, $2,000 of which came from a donation from the Bike Oven. There’s a lot […]