Bus Riders Union: Rally to Launch National Civil Rights Campaign

President Obama, Enforce, Restore, Expand Our Civil Rights:
In the tradition of Rosa Parks and the Freedom Riders, LA’s buses are once again a frontline battleground for the future of civil rights. Rosa Parks fought to have a seat on the bus. In 1996, the Bus Riders Union said, “No Seat, No Fare.” In 2012, bus cuts decimated transit systems in LA and every major city and a Federal Transit Administration civil rights review turned a blind eye on LA Metro’s violations of our civil rights. Now we’re fighting to restore one million hours of service and from there, further improve and expand our civil rights for a still better bus system for 500,000 LA bus riders.

We’re calling for:

1) President Obama, reverse the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) decision and restore one million hours of cut bus service in LA!

2) President Obama, support the restoration of our right to sue for civil rights violations!


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