Note: Metro Service Changes Go Into Effect This Weekend

Sunday Metro will be implementing bus service changes including a number whose purpose are to provide better connections to the recently opened Expo Line.

This is also significant as it will be the first shake-up in a year, as the Dec. 2011 service changes didn’t go forward due to the agency being set back on its heels by the Federal Transit Administration Title VI review. The shake-up is Metro’s method by which operators bid on driving slots awarded based on seniority per the United Transportation Union collective bargaining agreement with the agency. Having the December shake-up not occur has been a cause of tension among the rank and file in Operations, but that is finally about to ease.


Metro Tweaks Schedule This Weekend. New Routes to Start on Monday.

The 920’s route. Image: Metro via LAist Just a reminder: Metro has its semiannual shake-up this Sunday, Dec. 13th. Veteran riders and advocates know that twice a year Metro’s bus operators bid for driving slots based on seniority per the collective bargaining agreement between the agency and the United Transportation Union, which represents the bus […]

Metro’s Conan Cheung Updates on Next 18 Months of Service Planning

Metro’s Deputy Executive Officer of Service Planning and Scheduling Conan Cheung made nearly identical updates on service planning at the agency to the November 13th meeting of Southern California Transit Advocates and the November 17th meeting of Metro’s Citizens’ Advisory Council. Those who are unfamiliar with Metro’s practice of semi-annual service changes (known as “shake-ups”) […]

Unhappiness on the Labor Front in Metro Land (Updated, 2/16)

Dec. 12, 2011 was the day the Federal Transit Administration released its Title VI compliance review of Metro. Another important milestone for Metro happened that same day but in contrast received zero media coverage: the bus and rail operators ratified a new 3 year contract. The next step is for the agreement to go before […]