Today’s Headlines

  • Santa Monica’s Parking Meter Freakout Goes National (NYT)
  • Protestors Head to Culver City to Demand End to Fracking (LA_Now)
  • Driving in L.A., A Survey Represented Graphically (Curbed)
  • City Sued Over Billboard Data (City Watch)
  • Metro Bus Driver Helps Find Missing Handicapped Patrons in Long Beach (The Source)
  • LAUSD Pulls Tax Measure from Fall Ballot.  More Room for Measure R+? (Daily News)
  • Why Congress Must Save American Community Survey (Streetsblog Cap. Hill)
  • A Comprehensive Cost Analysis of Driving vs. Biking (Copenhagenize)
  • Villaraigosa Makes Rounds for Obama in Nevada (Daily News)
  • Texas Congressman Accuses Commerce Secretary of Drinking Before Hit and Run (Salon)
  • Metro Dodged a Bullet in 2009 By Staying Away from AnsaldoBreda (Copenhagen Post, New Europe)

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