New York Times Focuses on Biking in L.A., Makes Some Space for L.A. Streetsblog

Why Is L.A. Starting to Change? Tireless advocacy, broken elbows and of course CicLAvia.

In the Sunday edition, the New York Times put aside a little space to talk about bicycling in Los Angeles. The article points to a boom in the popularity of bicycling throughout the city and gives the credit where it belongs: the advocates and ride leaders that created today’s bicycle culture.

Writer Adam Nagourney takes time to quote the Mayor and NYCDOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, but leaves most of the narrative to the advocates who have been working tirelessly for years including three Streetsbloggers: Myself, Joel Epstein and Joe Linton.

If you haven’t seen the article yet, take a second to check it out. It’s always interesting to get an outsider’s perspective on what’s taking place in L.A.


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