Eyes on the Street: Tell Us How You Really Feel

Photo: Jim Shanman/Culver City Bike Coalition

Talk about mixed messages.

In preparation for this morning’s meeting of the Expo Bicycle Advisory Committee for Phase II, Culver City’s representative, Jim Shanman, visited the bike path for Phase I that starts at the La Cienega Station going west.  At least he thought it was for the bike path, since apparently the path is closed to bicyclists and pedestrians and e-bikes.  The bollards also close it to cars, so I guess it’s just for rollerbladers, pogo stick riders and skateboarders.

Oddly, even though Metro’s bike tour of Expo Phase I showed up just as Shanman was leaving, this picture didn’t make their write up at The Source.

We’re kidding of course.  Expo Construction Authority staff confirmed the sign is an error, most likely it got switched with a freeway entrance sign.  The sign will be replaced soon.


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