Where Would You Like to See the President on His Next Visit?

Photo: Associated Press

The script is a familiar one to Angelenos. President Obama announces he’s coming to town for a fundraiser. Panic ensues on the television about the impact such a visit will have on car traffic. The president is flown as close as possible to the fundraiser and then is driven the rest of the way. He raises money. He vanishes.

Since L.A. Streetsblog is wrapping up it’s day early in anticipation of our fundraiser this evening, we thought it would be a nice time to challenge Streetsblog readers to think creatively. No, we’re not going to give you $500 to do it.

Given the recent presidential visit, it seems a good time to ask. In a perfect world, where would you want Barack Obama to visit next time he comes to town? What cause would you want him to highlight or part of L.A. would you want him to experience? What is the best image to help his campaign, or make you more likely to vote for four more years?

My pick? In the month leading up to the election, visibility is going to be important. For that reason, he should come to CicLAvia in October. We know he likes biking, the kids would love it, and Michelle would get a chance to make the point again that fitness starts with good transportation choices.

You got a better idea? Leave it in the comments section.


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