Today’s Headlines

  • Dodgers Praised for Reducing Parking Rates to Below Market Rate (Daily News)
  • Everyone Is Confused By 710 Big Dig Outreach, But Know It’s a Dumb Project (Patch)
  • When Your TAP Card “Expires,” Prepare for Chicanery (Blogging L.A.)
  • Metro Schedules the Requested Public Hearing for Beverly Hills on Subway (The Source)
  • Officials Say Critics of High Speed Rail Using Bad Numbers (North County Times)
  • The Politics of Measure R+ in Sacramento (Land Line)
  • Box: Don’t Believe the Hype, LADOT Unchanged (City Watch)
  • Does York Road Bridge Need a Road Diet? (Flying Pigeon, Patch)
  • Transit Fare Honor Systems Only Cost-Effective in Some Cities (Atlantic Cities)

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  • Transit Fare Honor Systems Only Cost-Effective in Some Cities”

    The false wording comes from Altantic, not from Streetsblog. But the article is wrong; Los Angeles does not use “the honor system”, it uses “Proof of payment”

    Fare inspectors check fares, and issues tickets which send you to court if you don’t pay up. Because of this, over 98% of people riding metro trains have valid tickets.
    Would we say speed limits are based on “the honor system” because cars are capable of exceeding them? Of course not. Speed limits work if they are enforced with frequent tickets for those that break them.

  • Anonymous

    And the system is cost-effective here too if the real numbers are revealed.  And remember, not all the stations can or will ever have turnstiles.

  • calwatch

    Except that, if you read some of the reports, there is effectively no penalty for violation if you skip court, and according to a recent Metrolink presentation 75% of fines are never collected (either through dismissal or through the suspects never showing up to court).