Reader Questionnaire: Get Your Questions In for Navin Narang

Following the surprise announcement last Sunday that Bike Nation and the City of Los Angeles were embarking on a public-private partnership to bring a 4,000 bike bike share system to Los Angeles, people have had a lot of questions. Who is Bike Nation? Who is Navin Narang, one of the founders of Bike Nation that has been the spokesperson for the project. How in the world are they going to pull this off in the next 12-18 months?

To see a larger copy of last December's analysis by City Planning showing where Bike Share can work in L.A., click on the image. Note that City Planning and Bike Nation seem to be in agreement.

To that end, Streetsblog has arranged for another of its reader questionaires with Narang, one of the principles of First Pacific Holdings, the company that owns Bike Share. Long time readers of Streetsblog know how this works. You put questions in the comments section below, or post them on our Facebook page, or tweet them @lastreetsblog by the close of business on this Friday, April 20. Usually we give a full week, but given the timeliness of this discussion, I’m hoping to get answers early next week.

I’ll then take what we deem the 10 best questions and send them on to Narang. When he responds, we will post answers.

Before anyone asks, we’ve already asked Navin about connections between Bike Nation and AEG.   While the two companies had talked about working together on a bike share proposal for L.A., that’s all the connection that there is.

A quick note to readers, Streetsblog is working on a separate story on the process that led to the agreement between Bike Nation and the city, but feel free to ask questions about that or any other topic.


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