Help Us Shoot the Westside Transit Race One Week from Tomorrow

In New York, there’s a tradition to do yearly transit races where a cyclist, a car driver and a transit rider race from a common starting point to jobs in Manhattan. Streetfilms captured several of those races on films one of the more dramatic ones is above.

Now it’s our turn. Next Wednesday, eight days from now, we’re going to shoot our own transit race. Our race is going to cover the future Westside Bus Rapid Transit route on Wilshire Boulevard. We have a cyclist, a bus rider and a car driver all ready to go but we need both some volunteers to run cameras and someone to volunteer to walk the route as part of the race. If someone is really interested in being the bus rider, we can switch as right now I’m the bus rider in the race.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please email The race begins at 5:00 P.M., but we’ll need you to get to the starting line a little earlier. We will provide further directions via email to those interested.


Brentwood Community Leaders Wants Out of Bus-Only Lanes

It’s official, many Westside neighborhood leaders really don’t want bus-only lanes. After reading a letter from the Brentwood Community Council, which can be read after the jump, exhorting residents to protest the inclusion of Wilshire Bus-Only lanes in the area “West of the 405,” I made the above map.  It contains all of the areas […]

Open Thread: Metro Considering Bus Stop Thinning In Network Plan

As part of its big bus service re-organization, now called the Strategic Bus Network Plan (SBNP), Metro is proposing “stop thinning,” which basically means eliminating numerous bus stops that are too close to each other. According to a recent Metro staff report [PDF] the SBNP is “expected to be presented to the Board for approval in […]

The “New” Critical Mass: Evolving, Not Dying

When I rolled up to Wilshire and Western at 7:00 P.M. last Friday, there were already close to 750 cyclists present, everyone was in a good mood, and there was still a half hour before the ride was even supposed to start.  Ridecards were being handed out urging cyclists to follow the rules of the […]