Today’s Headlines

Apparently, I should let reader's know April Fool's plans earlier so I can get better graphics.
  • NYT: L.A. Needs to Be More Like New York, Part MMCCCXVIII
  • Toronto Globe and Mail: Toronto Needs to Be More Like L.A.
  • High Speed Rail Gets Shorter Route, Slashed Budget.  Now Everyone’s Cool, Right? (LAT)
  • Ok, So Not the Legislature, But Everyone Else is Cool, Right? (SacBee)
  • New Plan, Let’s Sell Pollution Credits to Fund It (SacBee)
  • Dodgers Will Get Parking Lot Revenue, Not McCourt (ESPN)
  • NFL Not Thrilled With AEG Plans, Stadium in Jeopardy (Daily News)
  • But the Mayor Remains Sunshine and Rainbows Over Proposed Stadium (Fox Sports)
  • Woman Killed Crossing the Street in Silver Lake (Eastsider)
  • Walker: Why Do People Hate Sunset Triangle Plaza? (LA Weekly)
  • Planetizen Gives April Fool’s Comedy a Try

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