See You Tomorrow at the Alehouse and Some Social Media Fun to Pass the Day

Sample: The Library Alehouse Streetsblog Fundraiser, Where Flying Pigeons Actually Fly...

By this point, you’re probably well aware that tomorrow at the Library Alehouse (129 Main Street in Santa Monica) is Streetsblog day, with 10% of all proceeds going to fund our weekly Santa Monica column. So instead of another reminder post with a list of all our impressive raffle items (a full list of which is available after the jump).

So instead, we’re going to ask you to help us get the word out. Anyone that tweets information about tomorrow’s event with an @lastreetsblog tag earns a free $5 raffle ticket to the raffle of their choice. A good “short link” to event information can be found here:

Second, the person that comes up with the best tagline for the event wins a Streetsblog t-shirt that they can pick up tomorrow at the Alehouse. You can leave your tagline at our Facebook page for the event, on twitter to @lastreetsblog, on our Google+ page, or even in the comments section below. If you have a picture or image to go with your tagline, all the better. You can see a sample at our picture above.

For more information on our raffles, read on after the jump. Thanks everyone, and see you tomorrow. I’ll be there from 11:30 until 11:30.


The bike looks like this, without the basket. Thanks ## Pigeon## for all your help.

Raffle 1: Win a Bike!

Ticket cost: $5

Prize: One black Flying Pigeon Road bike as seen on the right (minus the basket).  I rode the bike for a block earlier today, and it was a pretty smooth ride.  Get the bike that started the craze.

Raffle 2: Win a Bike Tour!

Ticket cost: $5

Prize: Via our new best friends at Bikes and Hikes L.A., “LA IN A DAY: The All Encompassing Tour” for a group up to six people.   Bikes and Hikes were kind enough to provide this flyer with all the details of their amazing donation.

Raffle 3: Win Something Cool!

Ticket Cost: $3 for 1, $5 for 2, $10 for 5 or $20 for 20

Prizes: The Big Blue Bus Prize Bag (Month pass, lanyard, other shwag), a box of KIND Bars, New Belgium Brewing Prize Bag (thermal bag, t-shirt, glasses), LACBC jersey and CICLE T-shirt, and the LA Streetsblog prize bag (Streetsblog bag, t-shirt, bike sticker)


LASB Fundraiser at the Library Alehouse

Our August 30th fundraiser the Library Alehouse, 2911 Main Street in Santa Monica, is really beginning to shape into quite an event.  First off, the Alehouse is donating a portion of every meal, drink, desert, or anything else that they sell to L.A. Streetsblog.  Second off, this is the perfect excuse for me to spend 12 […]