Intern for L.A. Streetsblog

If you’re young, and smart, and motivated, and interested in promoting the idea that “Streets Are for People,” then L.A. Streetsblog is looking for you.  We have three different types of internships available designed for people of different skill sets…just because you’re not a writer doesn’t mean we can’t work together.  While we don’t have the funding to offer a stipend, we will work with the winning candidates to help them earn credit with their school and understand they will require a flexible schedule.

We’re offering three types of Internships: Writing, Research and “Help Us Create a Tumblr”

1) Writing – Have you completed some research that you want to get out to a wider audience?  Is there an issue in your community that you want to explore and write about?  Do you want the chance to attend and write about public meetings?  If y0u answered “yes” to any of these questions, then we should talk.  You’ll have the chance to work with me or one of our other writers and get published on Los Angeles Streetsblog.  We’ll use our social media and media contacts to insure that your writing reaches as wide an audience as possible.  If you’re interested, email me a writing sample and a letter what your interests are to damien at streetsblog dot org.

2) Research – If writing isn’t your thing, but you want to help us create the best news coverage we can, then you can help our writing team out by volunteering as a research intern.  Whether it’s online research, attending a meeting or taking notes, or helping us track down some hard-to-find public document; we’ll be there to help you help us.  If you’re interested, send a letter to damien at streetsblog dot org

3) Help Us Create a Tumblr – We are looking to open a Tumblr website to broaden our footprint.  There’s two models we’ve discussed, one is to create a “Streetsblog lite” that would be a place for short stories, pictures, and event information.  The other would be a “lighter side of Streetsblog,” just like Streetsblog, only funnier.  If either of these ideas sound like something you would want to help us with, we would be happy to talk about it more with you.  Our long-term goal is to find a sponsor for the tumblr so that we have a small budget for someone to maintain and update it, but for now we just hope to launch something new and interesting.  If you’re interested, email a letter to damien at streetsblog dot org.  Make sure to describe your familiarization with tumblr and include links to any social media that you own/maintain.

If you are interested in any of these positions, we would be happy to talk with you further.  While we can’t offer any cash at this time, we can offer access to our staff, resources and audience.  And who knows?  The last intern we had was Carter Rubin in 2010, now he’s a writer for The Source and the treasurer of the L.A. Streetsblog Editorial Board.


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