Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: The Los Angeles Times’ cantankerous State Capitol columnist George Skelton takes aim at High Speed Rail.  Skelton wonders why it seems that everything is up for a cut in Sacramento except the politically unpopular train.  In what reads almost like a rebuttal to Skelton’s piece, the L.A. Times Editorial Board responds that funding a “bullet train” is a smart investment in the long term. 

  • More on Crenshaw Approval by the FTA (Wave)
  •  The Times Looks In on Long Beach’s Parklets
  • Villaraigosa Goes to Sacramento to Rally CRA’s (Daily News)
  • Some Pretty Cool Turn of the Century Bike Pictures from L.A. and L.B. (Copenhagenize)
  • Foothill Authority Objects to Court Decision on CEQA Violations (The Source)
  • Affordable Housing Goes Over Old Oil Wells (LAT)
  • South Pasadena City Council Opposed to SR-710 Expansion, Again (Pasadena Sun)
  • Yesterday Was No Pants Day on the Subway (LAT)
  • Congress, FHWA, Needs to Follow Local Examples on Transpo. Planning (The Hill)
  • Renewable Energy Projects, Including Plug-In Cars, Not Giving Bang for the Buck (LAT)
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