Eyes on the Fleet: Civil Rights Stickers Posted on Metro Vehicles

A week before Christmas a decal titled “Metro Notice of Civil Rights” began appearing on Metro bus and rail vehicles. This is a response to the recent FTA Title VI Compliance Review stipulation “Metro must provide an updated Notification to the public of their rights within 30 days” (see page18).

In its Civil Rights Corrective Action Plan Metro stated on the first page “As of Monday, December 5, 2012 Metro has rewritten the Notice to Beneficiaries and a copy of the proposed notice is included as attachment #2. Upon approval of the FTA a decal will be produced and this notice will be posted throughout the system.” Note how accelerated the process has been that hardly two weeks after the draft text was prepared the decals began appearing on the vehicles, a clean signal how seriously Metro takes the various stipulations by the FTA contained in the compliance review.

This is part of a media campaign by Metro of outreach regarding civil rights protections which so far has also included a paragraph (“Metro Civil Rights Policy”) in the Metro Brief ads that appear in various media around the region such as for example the latest issue of the Downtown News — click on “This Week’s Issue” and flip to page two. We can expect more of this in the coming weeks and months.


Metro’s Civil Rights Review Oddyssey

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FTA: Metro Deficient in Five of 12 Civil Rights Categories

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Late last week, most likely in response to a report by the Bus Riders Union and their community allies, a letter from Metro CEO Art Leahy dismissing the Civil Rights complaints of the BRU appeared on The Source.  The letter basically announced that the Title VI complaints against the agency announced last Spring were dismissed, […]