Rethinking Glendale Boulevard Interactive Workshop: A new approach to Community Visioning!

Join us for an innovative approach for the rethinking semi-industrial, mix use, Glendale Boulevard in Echo Park from the 2 fwy to Sunset.  Participants will be asked to create their ideal street in 20 minutes. Using recycled objects  participants will build small dioramas to help think through their ideas. Because there are no limitations, and right or wrong answers this is a safe zone for all ideas.  Once the time is up the builders will share their ideas in a one-minute presentation to the group. Collaboration is the next step and participants will be place in small groups. They will have 15 minutes to share their ideas.  They will be tasked to pick a spot along Glendale Boulevard where they can implement their ideas. Each team will present their plan to the group.  As a conclusion the ideas will be synthesized and discussed.

The workshop is designed to maximize people time and increase their urban planning fluency by allowing them to perform planning by using their hands and minds.  As children we have all imagined and played. This method taps into skill sets everyone has from different ages, professions, and linguistic backgrounds. Since no one is judge all social barriers are broken down, thereby creating a friendly exchange of ideas.

This is a very innovated approach to urban planning because it does not begin the process with abstract ideas but begins the process with people’s emotions, memories, and creative ideas. People are secure with their visceral experiences than with abstract ideas. Therefore they are comfortable to participate in a fulfilling exercise.

Backwards planning helps us to create a vision for the future and work backwards from there.

Echo Park and Silver Lake stakeholders of all ages and political persuasions are encouraged to RSVP at

Date:  Saturday, January 14, 2012

Time:  10 am to 12:30 pm.


Location:  Echo Country Outpost

1770 Glendale Boulevard

LA CA 90026


Bruce Chan, second to the right, explains his group's model of Glendale Boulevard as a culturally rich roadway. Photo: Kris Fortin

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