New Bike Lanes on Washington Place in Mar Vista

Photo of the new Washington Place Bike Lanes via Sherri Akers/Facebook

Finally, L.A.’s new commitment to bike planning brings some paint to the Westside.  Last Friday Joe Linton noted at the Eco-Village blog that the city had placed down markers for 0.77 miles of new bike lanes from Grand View Blvd to Albright Avenue, in my own neighborhood of Mar Vista.

By Sunday morning, the new lanes were already in place and captured on film by local green living advocate Sherri Akers.  If you see new bike lanes somewhere in Los Angeles, drop us a line at damien at streetsblog dot org.

The lanes meet up with newly implemented lanes on Washington Place and Bentley Avenue in Culver City.  This sort of inter-city coordination is going to be necesary for real bike mobility to come to L.A. County, especially the Westside which has Culver City and Beverly Hills surrounded by City land and Santa Monica between much of the Westside and the ocean.

Linton has more to say about the lanes, and bike planning on the Westside in general.  For more on these lanes, check out the Eco-Village blog.