Bev. Hills Courier’s Big Scoop: Metro Does Mailings

Century City Mailer for Web

The Beverly Hills newspaper of record, the esteemed Beverly Hills Courier, has been doing its best to rile the residents of the 90210 against the Westside Subway route that would take the Subway under Beverly Hills High School The paper all but declared the Mayor a traitor to the city for trying to negotiate with Metro. More recently, the paper has slandered the professors and other experts that weighed in on the geotechnical issues facing the subway.

But today, the paper has a big scoop, Metro mailed some fact sheets to people living near the tunnel area. From the Courier:

The Courier has learned that the Metropolitan Transit Authority will mail to each resident of Beverly Hills a four-page color brochure summarizing its case for a tunnel under Beverly Hills High School for its Westside Subway Extension. The Courier obtained an advance copy.

Must have been some cracker-jack journalism involved to discover that Metro had done a major mailing the day before. Or is it two days before? It’s hard to tell when a story is posted on “Thursday, November 18.”

The nefarious piece of Pravda propaganda is readily available on Metro’s Westside Subway website, but to make it really easy to find we’ve also embedded it above.

The pamphlet itself is pretty bland. It provides a summary of the two technical reports presented last month to the Planning & Programming Committee, notes that copies of the technical reports have been placed in the Beverly Hills and Westwood public libraries and also informs the public where they can find the reports and other information online.

This is the 13th fact sheet for this project since environmental planning began in 2007 and the 4th fact sheet produced during the current Final EIS/EIR phase. It is, however, the only fact sheet that covers a specific geographic portion of the alignment. Due to the interest in the results of the technical studies regarding the findings, Metro chose to complete this mailing in the impacted area to get their version of the story in the news.

  • Elizabeth Huff

    I work in Beverly Hills and apparently Metro has sent the pamphlets to all businesses in the area as well.

  • printed word = libel
    spoken word = slander

  • Anonymous

    “There are schools all over the country, including California, that
    have subway tunnels underneath them. The Bentley School in Oakland has
    been around since 1920 and is directly over a Bay Area Rapid Transit
    tunnel; the West Portal Elementary School in San Francisco is also over a
    BART tunnel and has been operating since 1951 (again, BART was built
    sometime later). Locally, at Wilshire and Vermont Avenue, a station goes
    under the grounds of a middle school and no vibrations or any other
    issues have been reported.

    There are buildings all over the world with subterranean parking
    structures built over subway tunnels. The Broad Museum in downtown Los
    Angeles is being built and calls for a three-level underground parking
    structure over a proposed Metro tunnel at Grand Avenue and Second
    Street, as well as the station at Hope Street and Second. There is a
    proposed commercial development at the Universal City Metro Station with
    similar conditions.”

  • Jody Litvak

    We mailed the fact sheet to addresses in Beverly Hills, Century City & portions of Westwood.  Please find that and more subway information on our website ( or join us on Facebook (

    Jody Litvak
    Metro Westside Subway Extension Team

  • Parlorpink

    Minor quibble–the tunnel at West Portal Elementary in San Francisco is a Muni Metro light rail tunnel, but the same issue applies. There’s got to be lots and lots of rail tunnels under schools.

  • Greg

    Mr Smith is mad about Metro sending the mailers because Metro used to advertise in the Courier and recently stopped.  Mr Smith feels that Metro should continue advertising in his paper instead of sending the information directly to the residents of Beverly Hills.


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