Top 10 Reasons to Join Us for Our End of the Year Fundraiser on 12/8

On December 8, Los Angeles Streetsblog will be hosting its first ever “end of the year” party to celebrate the people, places and events that made 2011 the year it was. To convince you to join us at 6:30 at 11555 National Boulevard, I’ve compiled a top 10 reasons to join us to celebrate (and raise some cash) on 12/8.  Suggested donation is $25, but everything is on a sliding scale.  For more information, check back here or sign up for the event on Facebook.  The location of the fundraiser has moved to Earl’s Gourmet Grub, 12226 Venice Boulevard.  For more information on the move, click here

1) Streetsies – We’ll be handing out Streetsies to those people that really made 2011 a special and unique year for transportation in L.A. County. Spoiler alert: we have winners from the Bus Riders Union and Southern California Transit Advocates…

2) New Schwag – That’s right, we’re giving you new ways to spend money and show your love of Streetsblog. The fundraiser will also be the public debut of new t-shirts and shoulder bags that tell the world where you get your news and information.

3) New Belgium Brewing – Of course, we’ll have 120 bottles of Colorado’s finest beer. New Belgium Brewing and the Eco-Village split the honor of being our longest-running sponsors and we are grateful for their support.

4) Charity – For those people that can’t join the 12/9/11 Midnight Ridazz All-City Toy Ride, we’ll be taking donations.  Bring a toy in its package and we’ll bike it to the Alliance for Children’s Rights donation center the next night.  Regardless of your feelings of the late night bike ride culture in L.A., Midnight Ridazz has collected tens of thousands of toys over the years for children in need.  And of course, Streetsblog is a 501c(3) public charity, so your tax deductible donations go to a good cause.

5) Money Talks Voting – Following the lead of the U.S. Supreme Court, which recently ruled that money counts as speech, we’ll be letting you vote on a “People’s Choice Streetsie” for “Worst Media Coverage of the year” with your change purse.  Empty your pocket change into the container in front of the media outlet of your choosing.  The outlet with the most cash in front of it wins (or loses).  We won’t accept votes of more than twenty five cents.

6) Raffles – We always have the best auctions, and this time around is no exception. For cyclists, we have donated items from the LACBC, Midnight Ridazz, CICLE, CicLAvia and even the Box 4 CC Campaign. Two books were donated by the authors, L.A. in Maps and Car-Free Los Angeles and Southern California. There are more donations coming everyday, so stay tuned for more items as we get closer to the event. If you have something you want to donate, please contact me at

7) Food – We’ll have some delicious catered food, most of which will be vegetarian. I know how Streetsbloggers love their veggies.

8) Symmetry – It’s no mistake that we’re holding our 2011 End of Year party at the same place as our 2010 relaunch party. They give us the hall for free!  I mean, we’re all about the symmetry!

One year and three months ago...

9) Sammy will be there – Who doesn’t love small children? Everyone I know is smart enough to at least pretend they do these days. Streetsblog’s favorite two-year-old (as voted on by the L.A. Staff) will add his star power to the event. I wonder if he’s still afraid of Alex Thompson.

10 ) Transit accessible – Big Blue Bus #8 has a stop right outside the door and there will be a “bike room” inside so your bikes don’t get cold.

So we’ll see you on 12/8 in West L.A….


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