Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: The City of L.A. recently launched an interesting looking interactive website to inform their efforts to revamp the city’s mobility plan.  I’m not sure what to make of it yet, I haven’t had time to explore the site and play around (although I’m guessing that Carter Rubin has…).  If you have, please leave some thoughts in the comments section.

Featured Headline 2: Buried in the Daily News articleon the plan to exempt car dealerships from the city’s business tax was a shocking figure, “Since July 2010 the city has spent $60 million on its vehicle fleet, Englander pointed out.  “And not one of those purchases was in the city of L.A. because of the business tax they had to add to the cost of each car,” he said.”  Uhm, maybe the city could save a lot of money by not spending so much money on cars…

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