Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: A woman admitted to negligent driving yesterday when she hit two women pushing strollers and their children in Santa Ana.  KTLA reports:”The driver says she simply did not see the pedestrians, who were crossing Civic Center Drive just west of Spurgeon Street; and she and hit four of the five.”  The driver admits that driver error was the cause of the crash, precluding other defenses.  Wait, this just in.  No charges have been filed.  It was just an accident.  This just in, the victims are still in the hospital.  Oh well, these things happen.
  • Metro Planning More Service on Rail Up To Midnight (Blog Downtown)
  • US Senate Debates Infrastructure Bank and More (Streetsblog Cap. Hill)
  • A Look at Bike Lanes and Safe Streets in Boyle Heights (Boyle Heights Beat)
  • Metro Demolishes Bev. Hills Courier Arguments Against Westside Subway (The Source)
  • USC Plans on Addressing Its “Bike Problem” of Too Many Students Riding Bikes (Daily Trojan)
  • Cyclist Suing Culver City Over Official Fondling After Being Victim of Hit and Run (Wave Newspapers)
  • Kitchen Founder Jimmy Lizama bikes the talk (TEDxUCLA)
  • New Council Districts Already Drawn in Back Room?  Wesson to Succeed Garcetti as Council Pres? (LA_Now)
  • Before You Say California High-Speed Rail Is Too Expensive, Consider the Alternative (BizJournal)
  • China Returns to Cycling Roots With Mega-Bike-Share Projects, New Bike Lanes (ClimateWire)
  • Metrolink Offers Thanksgiving Promotion (Press Release)

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