Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: While we were talking about the city’s efforts to get federal dollars for a river bike path extension, Blog Downtown and Curbed were talking about a similar effort to get federal funding for a Downtown Streetcar and the favored route of the streetcar’s planners.
  • What Fast Track?  Crenshaw Subway Campaign Files Suit (LAT)
  • State Awards $448 Million to LA County Transit Projects (The Source)
  • Boxer: House R’s Transpo Bill Doesn’t Add Up (The Hill)
  • City Uses Red Light Camera Firm to Handle Backlogged Tickets (Daily News)
  • Atwater Village to Get “Iconic” Bridge Over LA River (Curbed)
  • Skelton: Time to Increase State Gas Tax (LAT)
  • L.A. Will Get Bike Wayfaring Signs (LADOT Bike Blog)
  • Are We Reaching “Peak Car”? (The Globe and Mail)
  • City Starting to Lose Patience with Occupy L.A. (LAT)
  • 19 Building Types That Caused the Recession (Atlantic Cities)
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  • Expo proves Goodmon’s main goal is self-promotion, and given the giant photo of him the Times’ included in its blog’s coverage Goodmon should be well satisfied the lawsuit is producing the results he craves, whether or not it has merit or even advances all that far.